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1942 GPW Chico, CA CalBid

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Bill spotted this customized GPW. That rear bumper looks pretty hardy! Is that a spare gas tank or water tank in the engine compartment? How about the three “bucket” seats up front. Looks to have an inline flathead 6 of some type. Auction is at $950 and it ends today.

( scroll down to #109)

“does not start”

1942-gpw-calbid03 1942-gpw-calbid02 1942-gpw-calbid01 1942-gpw-calbid0 1942-gpw-calbid1 1942-gpw-calbid2 1942-gpw-calbid3 1942-gpw-calbid4


7 Comments on “1942 GPW Chico, CA CalBid

  1. ggordon49

    How do you install the carburetor on the opposite side? I would like to see a better pic of that

  2. Matt

    Heard of guys installing Weasel flat-sixes in these but carb is on the driver-side.. old Dodge 6 perhaps??

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