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February 2008 Fiberglass Seats


Last year I purchased some plastic racing seats to put into Gus.  However, I was never very happy with them.  I never felt like I fit as well in them as I did in the seats I put into my first jeep.  After searching for months for seats, I finally discovered a pair of beat up seats exactly like what I used to own on Craigslist for only $20.  

To get them to meet my my needs, I needed to repair the fiberglass (extensive holes and cracks) and then drill holes for side belts and shoulder belts.


With the seats re-fiberglassed and painted, I was ready to cut the holes.  First, I created a template to positions the holes at the same location on both sides of both seats. Then, I drilled holes on both ends of the ellipse, bridged the holes with a saw, and then evened the holes out with a grinder.


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