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CJ-3B Fiberglass Bodies

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UPDATE: Since I wrote this back in April of 2008, I have learned that someone in the Seattle Area purchased the Parkette molds, but I still haven’t learned who.

In April of 2008 there was an ad from a buyer looking for a CJ-3B Fiberglass body.  Frankly, he was the only person I have come across on Craigslist looking for a fiberglass jeep body other than I.  The CJ-3B bodies are very rare.

I did search and found a guy named Rick in the Northwest who says he has a CJ-3B mold (looks like a parkette mold with the side stripe).  Here’s a website that show’s a variety of pics of him building his CJ-3B. (see more of his pics below)

According to the CJ-3B Page, there are no sellers of CJ-3B fiberglass bodies.

To the right is a fiberglass CJ-3B body I found for sale back in 2008.

“This is a Willy’s Jeep that i got off a friend in a trade. it was sitting in his field for years. it used to be covered but the tarp blew off a couple of years ago. someone put it together in the 80’s with a fiberglass body tub and fenders. they didn’t do such a good job, the wiring is atrocious and it needs alot of other work, but they did put lockouts and disc brakes up front, thats a plus. it needs to be completely stripped down and re-done.”

Here’s more pics of Rick’s Fiberglass CJ-3B with a Parkette (?) Fiberglass Body.  You can read more about it here:





4 Comments on “CJ-3B Fiberglass Bodies

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  2. Mark Baker

    I built the Fiberglass silver CJ3B with Half-Top in 1979 (body from J C Whitney 1976). It sits on a 1969 DJ5-A Postal Jeep. Wish I knew what became of it? Traded it for a 1982 Yamaha motorcycle plus cash. Now I have built another 1969 DJ5-A Rat Rod Wanna-be Postal Jeep in 2017. Chopped and dropped the roof 4 inches. Troy, MI.

  3. David Eilers

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the info. It looks like a nice jeep. It’s been 12 years since I originally posted the pic, so I’m not sure where I found it. I haven’t seen it come up for sale again, but will watch for it. Not many fiberglass 3Bs out there.

    – Dave

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