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4 More Hurricane Rims


I drove up to Seattle yesterday via Vancouver, Wa, so I could stop at Matt's house to pick up some rims he posted on craigslist.  I've been looking for a spare for the four I've had, but have had little luck finding any.   Now I have four spares!   After close inspection, these are exactly like the ones I have, except they have some black coloring in between the ribs.  I'm not sure whether the black color was an option or whether someone removed the black from mine (the black looks original – I'm gonna attempt to remove the black).  Either way, these should be perfect.  Thanks again Matt!


5 Comments on “4 More Hurricane Rims

  1. Jeepermc

    I’m not sure if black was an option but I know for sure they came like yours are now. I have seen people paint them the way the black is on the new set.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    That’s good news. It means the paint shouldn’t be too difficult to remove. I’ll try with some simple green.

  3. Oswald

    I just started an appliance hurricane rim project myself. I also wish I had a spare. I will send you an update on the project if interested.

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