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1948 CJ-3A Randy Lawson’s Build

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This article about Randy Lawson’s build appeared in the 1994 Off-Road Magazine.  It took Randy 15 years to redo his CJ-3A.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a before picture.  Some of the details not mentioned in the short article on this page include the following:

  • Randy has added a second little window below the wipers on the windshield.  I assume this is custom as I’ve never seen it before.
  • Randy changed the look of the cowl on the engine side by placing a chromed or polished plate across it.  It makes it look very clean.
  • It appears Randy padded the dash (you can see this here and here ).
  • The Jeep may be registered as a CJ-3A, but the cutouts on the passenger side suggest an M38.

“It is not that uncommon in the world of four-wheel drive to hear of a buildup project that takes a few years, but randy Lawson’s 15 year fine-tuning is more on the order of evolution than customization.

The dedicated Colorado Springs, Colorado, resident tore apart his  1948 Willys CJ-3A the first time when he was just 15 years old. He dove that incarnation for two years, then decided his Flat fender rebuild needed a Phase Two.
The second segment began with the acquisition of a frame from a
1972 CJ-5, which was shortened, boxed, and enhanced with a 15 gallon aluminum fuel tank.”


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