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1963 M170 Ambulance Gig Harbor, Wa $2500 obo


I’ve never heard of this type of jeep (this is becoming an all to familiar statement!). Here’s some more info on this jeep from the website

“I am moving and need to get rid on this project, its a military ambulance. It comes with a fuel injected 4.3 with NV 3500 and NV 231 case, Wiring harness and computer, steering column, peddle assembly, Ford 9″ with Strange 31 spline shafts, HP Dana 30, the original top and doors (brand new), tailgate, windshield frame, hood, grill, gas tank, fenders. The frame already has YJ leafs mounted to it and they have been out boarded for a better ride. The jeep just needs to be put together. Have title. 2500 obo”

Here is a pic of the M-170.  Note the extra wide entrance on the passenger side vs.  the normal looking CJ-5 looking entrance on driver’s side.


5 Comments on “1963 M170 Ambulance Gig Harbor, Wa $2500 obo

  1. Anonymous

    Yep. Essentially a CJ-6 with the passenger side modified to accomodate easier in/out…probably with a stretcher given the nature….Pretty rare rig really.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Yeah .. that’s what I figured as well .. I doubt there was too many made, let alone still around.

    – dave

  3. David Eilers

    Hi Marla,

    Thanks for sharing. I do find it frustrating when museums pack vehicles together like that. It’s hard to really see them!

    I wasn’t aware of the South El Monte museum. I’ll add a link to your video in a post about that museum.

    – Dave

    – Dave

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