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Crankshaft Update – Success


I've got my crankshaft problem solved 🙂

Yesterday I drove out to Caldwell to meet Terry Zabel and checkout a $50 buick v6.  This craigslist find was my least expensive crankshaft option, so I had low expectations, but high hopes.  The engine came without an intake, rocker arms and a few misc pieces, but one useful item they did include for me (thanks to his brother Tony) was an even-fired flywheel, which I had been seeking (but couldn't find) in case I wanted to move back to a manual tranny.  As soon as I saw the flywheel, I figured the crankshaft was gravy, so I told them I would take it.

Back home, I quickly pulled it apart (which wasn't too difficult as most of the timing chain bolts and oil pan bolts were missing anyway).  When I finally got to the crankshaft and pulled off the first rod, I was relieved to see virtually no wear.  It didn't take long to pull out the crankshaft and see that it had been turned .010 and was in excellent shape … whew!  So, I took it to Bob's today and Lyle mic'd it, confirming my assumptions and telling me the same thing, "much better than the other one".  Also, the block itself looks to be in great shape, though it's been bored .030 already.  So, I'll save this block and use it as the base for a backup v6 for future use.


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