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1959 FC-150 New Jersey **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6500.

Someone has cared for this FC.

“This is a nice “59” Willys Jeep FC-150, It runs and looks good, I have more pic. just e-mail me. Asking 6,500. Feel free to e-mail offers and questions.”


7 Comments on “1959 FC-150 New Jersey **SOLD**

  1. Anonymous

    That still seems like alot of money… NJ rigs are usually rusted to nothing. The cab corner paint may say that it’s been repaired…but still alot of money for a rig that has never been popular but with a select few.

  2. Anonymous

    heck from what of been told about Forwards control jeep they’re damn proud of them on the eastern United States

  3. Anonymous

    They made good plow rigs I guess….which means they see alot of winter use and the bodies were never real good at rust resistance anyway…


  4. deilers

    It seems like to me that there is less moss on this bumper than the other one. However, since both pics are rather poor, I wouldn’t completely rule out the possibility that they are the same.

  5. frankthecrank58

    i was looking at the mirror and the corner patch that’s somewhat visible on the lower cab. and the 4 uprights on the stake bed. this post is from 08 and the newer post is a few days ago; 4 yrs. difference is lots of time for moss to grow. if it is the same it’s more than doubled in price.i guess i could call but that would take the mystery away.

  6. deilers

    Once I get done with the posts I’ll take a closer look. It’s certainly a strange price jump, but then it’s pretty interesting following some people’s pricing strategies (or lack thereof) 🙂

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