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Happy Father’s Day


I hope all the fathers enjoyed a happy father's day!  

I took the day off yesterday from ewillys, enjoying an 8 hour drive with my children from Seattle back to Boise.  My own father was in the hospital for a couple days after what appeared to be small stroke, though the doctors could not find anything.  By yesterday he was back to his normal self and back home from the hospital.  I teased him that if he thought we were to noisy, he could have asked us to quiet down rather than checking himself into the hospital.

On Saturday I took my kids to the museum of flight in downtown Seattle.  I wanted to use the experience as a springboard for determining an approach for a jeep museum.  While the museum of flight is ostensibly about planes, it is really about people's stories (in the beginning, in war, in space, etc) and our experience as a people and the impact of planes in that experience. Their approach to planes mirrors my desire for a similar approach to telling the stories of the people who owned, used, and named their jeeps. 

The museum of flight also offers bi-plane flights and other 'old time' experiences, which is similar to what I wanted to capture as well with people being able to drive an early jeep (such as an early bantam built to spec).  A number of people have said I couldn't get the insurance I would need to offer these types of rides, but if their's insurance for giving bi-plane rides than their must be insurance for a jeep ride.


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