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1958 FC-170 Van


This isn't for sale, but I thought it was too interesting to pass up.  I've never seen one of these before and I know little about them.  Here's the original pic location.

Here's one more.  Here's the location of the pic.


4 Comments on “1958 FC-170 Van

  1. Anonymous

    You’d be hard pressed to actually find something like this if it still even exists. Most vehicles like this were done overseas with only a handful of prototypes built here. There was a run of M-678/M-679’s done for the military but records are horrible from that time and figure that about 60 total were built. There are a few survivors.

    There are a few other oddball one off vans there too….The only factory run was the 60 or so M-678/679 and even those were probably hand built for the most part. All the military rigs came with a 2 stroke, 3 cylinder, cerlist diesel. I would love to find an old van but it’s very unlikely.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Great links .. a 2 stroke, 3 cylinder for a van? What kind of hp would that generate?

  3. Jeepermc

    Military vehicles used a three-cylinder, two-cycle, loop-scavenged 170 cid Cerlist Diesel producing just 85 hp (at 3,000 rpm) with 170 lb-ft of torque at a low 1,900 rpm — less power and torque than the gas engine, but presumably with superior gas mileage and durability; and, without intake or exhaust valves, camshaft, or timing chain, fewer adjustments and presumably higher freedom from breakdown.

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