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Goodyear Tires, Portland $400

• CATEGORIES: Tires and Rims

While the terra tires will pop up for sale every so often, these tires are much harder to fine.  I've never run them so I don't know how much better (or not) they are than terras.

"two (2) 31×15.5×15 v-bar tires. Run them forward in the mud/snow/dirt or turn them around and run them backwards in the sand. These tires provide alot of traction. Rims are for a 15" tire and are 14" wide with 5 on 5 1/2 lug pattern(1/2 ton ford & 86 and older jeep). There is some surface rust on the rims but nothing a little elbow grease and some paint won't take care of. These are not implement tires (like on a backhoe). these are made by Goodyear and I believe they are radials. They are called super terra grips. They are not street legal/off-road only tires. call 503-458-7010 Chris Phone call will be best will deliver for the cost of fuel and a cheeseburger." 


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