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Mitch rolls his CJ-3A on ‘flat’ ground

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To make me feel better about cutting my brake line, Mitch sent me this series of images of him rolling his jeep last year at Rimrock (Washington State) on 'flat' ground. It kind of looks like Mitch's jeep rolled over and played dead to get out of the mud.  Another way to look at it is that, if you are going to roll over, smarter to do it on flat ground rather than on a steep hill …. but right in front of a no parking sign? (see last pic)

Here's Mitch's take on it:

"Here's the series of pics…..That mud was real thick….In the process of rocking it back and forth I was making good progress of getting out….When the front end finally pulled the rear out of the hole, it immediately slid to the left and dropped the left front tire off the little ledge you can barely see in the pics. I had enough momentum and it was enough of a drop that the jeep just slowly flopped on the left side. No damage at all. The cage and tires were the only things that touched ground."


3 Comments on “Mitch rolls his CJ-3A on ‘flat’ ground

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    Duly noted and updated … I also took a closer look at the last pic you sent .. I hadn’t noticed the no parking sign before … 🙂

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