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Willys Rustbucket Pennsylvania $500

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This is one of the most rusted flat fenders I think I've ever seen.  Next, I noticed the rear PTO water pump, which was cool.  Then I noticed the solid back — no tailgate, yet the body doesn't look like a MB/GPW.  It's hard for me to believe that this jeep rusted so much while in storage. 

"Willys,4 x 4. NO TITLE. year unknown, needs complete resto. has drivetrain intact. rear water pump pto driven. was in storage for 25 years until last week…." 


3 Comments on “Willys Rustbucket Pennsylvania $500

  1. Anonymous

    Yeah….”Stored behind the mobile home for 25 years until I drug it around front for the yard sale”……….

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah…I forgot to mention that it was stored under a tree on ocean front property….That has got to be the most rusted one I’ve seen too. I’ve seen farm equipment that sat outside with the horses look better than that. I suppose with scrap prices where they are you’re close to scrap prices with that…. I’ve seen alot of good parts headed for the scrapper lately….

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