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1950 M-38 Bonnie, Ill eBay


Probably the worst feature on this 18,000 mile M-38 is the paint job — the painting over of gauge rims always detracts from the quality.  The driver side springs look a little fatigued as well.  Otherwise, it looks to be a good restoration candidate.  The seller does not mention the jeep specifically in the ad (a little odd) — instead, the seller describes a little history of the M-38.

“The M38 Jeep was the first post-WW II jeep, based on the civilian model CJ-3A, but upgraded for military use. It was known by Willys as the model MC. It featured flat fenders, a one-piece windshield, bottom-mounted wipers, a fuel filler on the left side near the driver’s seat, protruding headlights, and an air vent at the bottom center of the windshield frame. The 80-inch wheelbase M38 weighed 2,750 pounds.”


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