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Rare Backhoe for FC 170 $2750

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677, Features

Dan asked me to post a rare backhoe and a DRW 170 for him.

FC 170 Backhoe Ottawa model LX: I just have too much and need room for my restored backhoe coming in. I thought I’d let FC guys know about it before listing it on the evil Ebay. But I do need to get it out of here. I have 22 FC’s right now and need to let loose this one for space.

This is the correct backhoe for a FC 170 DRW (here’s more about the DRW). I was going to put it on a DRW but found an original complete FC with factory backhoe so no need for this one. A backhoe is one of the rarest configurations for an FC. This isn’t a parts unit used for my other one. This is complete. It will need to be restored. Price $2,750.”

Rare factory 4 speed T98 DRW truck: This was the truck I was going to use for the backhoe. A Rare 4 speed T98. One of about 20 factory 4 speeds known. No bed but complete and it needs a total restoration.  Price reflects condition but it is restorable.  Price $1,200. I can send pics if your interested. (here’s more about the DRW)

Located by Burbank CA. If your going to Roy’s Roundup about 60 miles away, I could meet you there there Sun.  Email or call 818-203-9708″


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