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1960 DJ-3A Boulder City, NV **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3900

I haven’t run across very many DJ-3As in running condition.  It looks like it would be very restorable.  See the text from the old Aug 1, 2008, craigslist ad below —

“1960 DJ3A Willys Jeep, two wheel drive, three on the tree, brand new best top, new clutch, new brake master cylinder, new ties, new coil, 134 inch flat heatergen, 95135 miles.”


5 Comments on “1960 DJ-3A Boulder City, NV **SOLD**

  1. Anonymous

    Well .. that would be my first reaction too .. however, I’ve now seen several DJ-s or Galas (where, I can’t remember precisely) that were sporting a similar type of windshield. I think if it was a CJ-3B windshield, it would be pretty short looking. Instead, the windshield looks like it fits great. I’ll do some more research into this.

    – Dave

  2. Anonymous

    It looked short to me… Are you thinking along the lines of an optical illusion where the glass is larger so the sheetmetal area below is smaller but the overall height is the same? It still looks short to me….


  3. Anonymous

    Yeah, it may well be a CJ-3B windshield. I was thinking the glass was larger than normal and the sheet metal was smaller. But the longer I stare at it, the less I think it’s so. I wish I could find the DJ I saw with the larger windshield — maybe I just dreamt it .. lol

    – Dave

  4. B reed

    stock WS frame on this dj, DJ’s were available w/3 different WS frames, this example being one style, so in reality it is a dj WS frame the 3B uses

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