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Stainless Steel Willys Flatfender Body Moses Lake, Wa

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UPDATE:  I do not know whether this sold or not.  I’ll keep for historical purposes.

Obviously, these don’t appear every day.  Note that this one has been stretched 6 inches, which makes it ideal for placing on a CJ-5 frame.  It appears to have a solid back, like a DJ-3A.

“Very Cool!! RARE!! Stainless Steel Willys Jeep Body Hand built in the philippines in the 1970’s and was shipped to the states. Streched 6 in. in door & 6 in. Behind the rear fender. The Body will fit right onto a CJ-5 Frame It’s a Must sale for me… I simply need the money. “


18 Comments on “Stainless Steel Willys Flatfender Body Moses Lake, Wa

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    Dies hat wahrscheinlich ist gewesen verkauft. Jedoch, ein CJ 3A Körper könnte auf einen CJ-5 mit einigen Änderungen installiert werden.

    – Dave

  2. mähr egon

    Hallo Dave,
    was kostet inklusive transport nach schweiz/Liechtenstein Cj3a Stainless Körper??

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Mähr,

    Ich hoffe, dieser übersetzt gut 🙂 Mein Deutsche isn’t nicht so gut!

    Stainless CJ-3A Stellen sind schwer zu finden, aber immer noch verfügbar. Werden Sie wahrscheinlich Kosten über $3000. Wenn sie ernst ein Edelstahl Jeep Körper, ich kann versuchen Ort für Sie. Ich glaube, daß die Kosten für Transport aus rostfreiem Körper wäre ungefähr $800, aber das ist einfach eine Schätzung. Ich vermute es\’s Gewicht ist ungefähr 400lbs (aber das\’s anderen Guess) oder 182kgs nur für die Wanne.

    Ich habe diese Web-Seite,,, könnte eine präzisere kosten. Bongo International liefern die internationale Schifffahrt, spezialisiert auf Empfang und die Vorbereitung amerikanischen gekauften Waren für den Versand nach anderen Ländern.


    – Dave

  4. mähr egon

    Hi Dave,
    welche änderungen wären nötig, für Body cj3a auf cj5 4 zylinder ???
    Chassis länge ok???
    oder nur Auflagepunkte / Montage ?


  5. mmdeilers Post author

    Danke Thomas,

    Wenn Sie möchten, dass die Leser, dass Sie Teile in Europa bekannt zu geben, werde ich gerne einen Post darüber zu erstellen. Schicken Sie mir einige Informationen 🙂

    – Dave

  6. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi James,

    Yes, this thread is in German (I didn’t know the translator didn’t work in the comments) . I’ve been using to help answer some questions for Egon.

    Egon was wondering whether a CJ-3A body would fit on a CJ-5 frame. I was explaining a couple of the issues involved with putting a CJ-3A body on a post ’72 CJ-5 frame. (we’ve since moved the discussion to email.

    Thomas chimed in and said he does some metal work, so he might be able to help him.

    thx – Dave

  7. deilers

    I can hunt those down .. it all depends on which CJ-5 frame you use. The post 1972 models are a couple inches longer, so it does require a little creativity to fill that couple inch gap. The pre 1972 models *should* fit without issue.

    – Dave

  8. jamesholden

    the gap would be the front frame? due to p/s i suspect. so i had a little extra frame extension but that help with p/s and linkage, right? i am trying to figure the extra inches as the wheelbase didnt change, correct? 80″

  9. deilers

    In 1972 the wheel base changed to 83″ to accomodate the inline 6. The area that appears to be stretched is the main part of the frame, though I can’t swear to it.

    To accomodate this stretch, You’ll note that on later model CJ-5s that the fenders and hood are actually longer. For example, you can see that if you order body parts, you have to choose pre 1972 or 1972 and later: The area on the fender that is stretched is right at the base of the fender. (I dont’ have two comparison pics of pre 72 and post 72 fenders to show you at the moment)

    Now, I know all this because I was confronted with this very issue on my build. If the grille is installed where it is supposed to go (and the frame angles up at the point where I installed the grille, so I couldn’t move it backwards any farther), then the fender must be stretched to meet the body. Here’s what happened when I installed my body/fenders onto a 1973 CJ-5 frame: .. the result was I stretched the fender & the hood (I had to build a custom hood).

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