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1962 DJ-3A Des Moines, IA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

“1958/62 Willys DJ-3A (Dispatcher) 2WD Jeep. This jeep is a 1962 open body DJ3A. Tagged & titled as a 1958 DJ3A. Included is the original 1962 SN tag w/Jeep in case you wish to have new title issued by your state DMV.  1962 SN Tag does match number stamped on frame.  actual mileage unknown. Jeep runs & drives good w/good power from RMC M38 military motor. I have no information on engine as far as amount of miles on it or any work done to it.  Recently had mechanic installed new head gasket & he stated motor looked great inside for used eng.”


6 Comments on “1962 DJ-3A Des Moines, IA **SOLD**

  1. deilers

    According to one source, none of these came with a rear gate. However, I haven’t found a definitive source for an answer yet.

  2. Bill Reed

    DJ w/tailgates are fairly comman as much as the ones w/o tailgate, many also had T-96 trans floor shifter instead of the column shift, they came with 3 different windshield frames, 3-4 body styles, 1) w/solid back panel, 2) w/tailgate opening, 3) tailgate opening body w/large front door entrance for use w/enclosure only.

  3. deilers

    Great Info .. thanks. And that makes sense with what I’ve seen anecdotally. Do you know if there were specific model labels used to identify these different styles?

    – Dave

  4. B Reed

    Parts lists shows in group 31 three designations for the DJ body assemblies….
    assy W/solid back, W/tailgate, W/tailgate & large enclosure.
    part # for diff Body Assemblys for the djs are as follows
    WO #691769 (6V) (w/solid back)
    WO #951671 (6V) (w/solid back) (surrey)
    WO #692959 (6v) (w/tailgate)
    WO #695451 (6V) ( W/TG for enclosure)WO #
    WO #818499 (12V) (solid back)
    WO #819401 (12V) (solid back)(surrey)
    WO #818501 (12V) (tailgate)
    WO #818503 (12V) (TG for enclosure)

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