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My Build — a little more about the wiring harness


I got a question from a reader about the wiring harness I used.  After doing some research, I came to the conclusion that the harness I bought is probably being closed out, hence the drop in price.  After doing the research, here’s what I learned.

KICKZ Harness (this is what I received in the mail):
is a 15 fuse 38 terminal 22 circuit wiring harness.  This is what I received.  The MSRP is $388.70, you can purchase it from the Hoffman Group for $299 (web special price), you can purchase it through ez2wire (which appears to be nothing more than a pass through marketing group) for $219 regularly, and I got it via auction from ez2wire for $143 (plus shipping).  So, that’s confusing!  The KICKZ is definitely a barebones choice (no extra switches for example).

EZ22 Harness (EZ2Wire’s branded version of the KICKZ):
Here’s the same harness I bid for in auctioned (the same one I refer to above) and purchased through #ez2wire’s website … I suspect they are closing out this model, which is why it’s discounted so heavily.  It is priced at a $159 non-auction price.

The american autowire harness ( looks like a fine harness.  It is an example of what you can get when you include a variety of additional parts and pieces, including a variety of switches (hi beam/lo beam), headlight switch and more.  So, if you need the extra switches, this might be a reasonable option.  It’s $276 price is certainly higher than the KICKz price, but you do get more.

Here’s a few wiring option comparisons (there are plenty more not shown here): $159 $220 $249 $276 (more items included) $319 (more items included)

So, if you are looking for a barebones wiring harness, I still think the EZ22 is still the way to go (while supplies last).  If you want a harness that includes additional features or items, than the autowire or another product might be better.


4 Comments on “My Build — a little more about the wiring harness

  1. james holden

    buy once is my motto, i think the american is the route even with many local parts shops. i want everything i need included for the additional 100, don’t want to traveling back and forth for extras. honestly a billet headlight switch, there’s 20 a dimmer 20, (there are quite a few extras which always go nicely in the extras box. the harness is designed like a plc(like semiens which are great for the home) with plug-ins, harnessed even. they get some good write ups and seem as if they’ll be around awhile. I do like the all black wire option on the ez/keepitclean harness that dave chose, nothing worse than that yellow wire dropping down and clashing with the rhinoliner.

  2. deilers

    Actually, my harness has the colored wires rather than the all black. I too considered making the same choice for the same reasons, but decided I was doing enough custom wiring (such as a simple start button — I don’t want to use a key) that I’d have to buy that stuff anyway.

    Let us know what you think about the harness you get

    – Dave

  3. james holden

    the $319 is the $276 harness. route66 is simply another 3rd party 319 is direct. @ $276 with free shipping that’s only a $100 difference and who wouldn’t want low/high beams with harnesses.the main reason i would go with american is future upgrades such as FI, which from my research, this unit is compatible. also many more relays which come in very useful. route66 is great for american autowire, if i was to buy any other unit, i would probably buy thru ez2wire site dave mentioned earlier although i would want to be sure i received what i ordered or ordered what i received. most of my other electric upgrades (fans, pumps, lights) wil be ran on seperate rockers which the american harness has seperate harness for up to 8 dash accessories. checked out an aa harness in a 67 nova today, really liked the block and disconnect. should have mine in a couple days. i’ll send some pics and give a lowdown on product.

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