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Reader’s Builds — Brian’s Swinging Pedals


Brian sent me an update on his adaptation of a wranger swinging assembly into his CJ-3B.

“I was going to use a dual master cylinder kit, but instead I located a set of swing pedals from a early Wrangler.  With the extra 4 inches of cowl height in the CJ-3B, I found they would fit. This provided me two advantages: (1) the assembly came with a brake booster and (2) I can use the hydraulic clutch kit from Novak to simplify life the install.

Here’s stock assembly from a early Wrangler.

Here’s the first cut

Next, I bolted it into place and spot welded it to the front of the cowl.

Finally, I mounted the swing pedal and remarked, removed, cut and reinstalled.  Not only does this fit great, but it also helped add additional strength to the dash.


2 Comments on “Reader’s Builds — Brian’s Swinging Pedals

  1. Fred

    Hay There. I,m Fred I wood like to know If you think this pedal could fit a 1946 CJ2A? I wood be Very happy to hear from you. Thank you Fred

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Fred,

    In order to make this pedal assembly fit, I suspect you’d have to shorten the pedal lengths. You’ll also have to judge how the pedals interact with the steering column, as the steering column sits differently in a cj-2a than it does in a CJ-3B due to the higher cowl of the CJ-3B.

    Other than those two issues, I don’t see any reason it wouldn’t work.

    I know that with both of my pedal assemblies (one of out of a chevy vega and one out of a cherokee) that it took some customization to make them work due to the low cowl and short distance between the dashboard and firewall.

    – Dave

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