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My Build — The Paint Booth


I had hoped to complete painting this weekend, however sore ribs from a hit I took playing basketball slowed me down a bit.  Today, I felt a little better, so I spent the day putting together a paint booth and taping off the body.  It’s hardly state of the art or a monument to high quality design, but it will get the job done.

My friend Lary dropped by yesterday with a larger compressor and an assortment of paint guns for me to use.  He was the person who suggested a website from which to buy some paint, but rather than the Urethane he intended for me to get, I ended up with an Acyrlic Enamel.  When he discovered what I had bought, he was very concerned, as he felt it’s a more difficult paint with which to work, especially with the paint being a metallic paint.  So, the two of us hovered over the various cans and he provided me many different tips on working with the paint, suggesting which paint guns to use and more.

My next step is to make a run to home depot to get one more sheet of plastic for the floor.  Then, I’ll grab some degreaser and do one final clean up of the body parts.

Below are some pics of the paint booth:


6 Comments on “My Build — The Paint Booth

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    Actually, it’s that back of a 2000 Ford Ranger .. a little more practical than a jeep trailer 🙂

    – D

  2. Jeepermc

    Yeah…I see that now… It’s a dark shadowy pic that at first glance looks like it could be a trailer. The flair kinda looks like a fender and the shadows make it look deeper than it is. Also the shadows kinda appear like the upper angled portion of a trailer…..Whoops….My eyes deceive me once again.

  3. deilers

    Well, the initial color was going to be a hawaiian teal, but then I saw an aqua pearl I liked. However, as I discussed in this post ( — the photos make it appear bluer than it really is), they sent me the right can with the wrong color, so it’s kind of a blue with a hint of green.

    Is Dad still hunting for his oxy/acetylene? I guess I’ll know when he really wants it because he’ll call me asking about it? 🙂

  4. Mom

    Dad hasn’t mentioned the acetylene for at least 36 hours.

    The color looks great! Cant wait till I see it in person so I can ooh and ahhh

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