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My Build — Painting


As I expected, painting was an adventure.  I started the day running around to get last minute items:  a cheap paint suit, new mask cartridges, and some other misc items.  Then, I chose the paint guns I wanted to use.  After the paint cup wouldn’t come off one of the guns I selected, I audibled to the paint gun I used to paint my last jeep (I was very happy I had the backup guns).

I wiped down the body and body parts, mixed my primer, and went to work.  At first the painting went well, but after a while, the gun started acting up a little.  And, of course, I managed to spot several spots that i somehow missed during the prepping process that needed either a little filler or a little sanding.

Once the primer was on, I got a little water and some 400 grit sand paper and gently ran over the primer, cleaning up the areas as I went.

Next was the paint.  I mixed the reducer and hardener with the paint and went to work.  I got the first pass done and was relatively happy.  I waited about half an hour dand went to work again.  As I was painting the grille, which was hanging against the wall, some gray primer blew off the plastic and landed right on the grille.  While I cussed the primer, I held the gun too long near the driver side turn light area.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell I’d done this until later (my light was kind of iffy by that point).  After the second coat, I grabbed a light and started walking around the body parts.  That’s when I started seeing a variety of spots I hadn’t gotten.  So, with a spotlight in one hand and a spray gun in the other, I circled all the parts for another round.

After letting the paint dry, I went to the clear coat.  By now, it was dark outside and my light wasn’t good at all.  I did my best to shoot anyway, but after spraying everything, I could see there were a variety of missed spots.  So, I decided to halt and pick back up in the morning when the light would be better.

The paint ended up being darker than I expected it would be.  But, it should look good.  The pictures here don’t really capture the color well.  There are definitely a few areas I sprayed a little too heavily, but it really isn’t worth it to me to sand them down and start over.  Hey, it’s  a jeep and I plan on scratching it and being rough on it.  I expect it will need painting in a few years anyway.

One of the smarter things I did was purchase a cheap fan and purchase a cheap heater filter.  I mounted (see pic to the right) the fan in the plastic to pull air out of the paint booth and then taped the filter in front of the fan to catch the paint.  Wow! The filter got much dirtier than I thought it would.


4 Comments on “My Build — Painting

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    Maybe it was the fumes, but it wasn’t until bedtime that it suddenly dawned on me that the color I sprayed wasn’t the color I ordered. As I mentioned in the post, the final color was darker than expected. Sure enough, a trip back to the website and now I see how different it was Because of this and the slow ship times, I can’t recommend using this seller’s paint and I’ve sent the seller an email stating as much.

  2. Stacy

    Yes, I was looking at the old Gus and your mock up and was wondering what fumes you were sniffing. Ironically, the color matches, at least on this computer screen the blue background on the website, and I think you were going for brighter blue. Sad.

  3. Brian

    I would have to see your color with sun light. The color on the Ebay page looks to be brighter… your color looks to have more gray in it or, it is my monitor. When people call me for a dog to replace the one they have lost. Sometime they want the same color expecting it to act the same. I can never replace that dog.
    Even though you have resurrected Gus 02 he will not be the same. He will moan groan and whimper. He will flex his manhood one day and defy you the next.
    So the love hate relationship of a man and his jeep has started……
    Looks Good!

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