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Old FC 150? Portland, Or $2495

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677, Unusual

My guess is that this is a modified FC 150?   No doubt it’s rare! Maybe It’s the perfect vehicle for that FC collector who has it all.  It sounds as if it runs, but the owner doesn’t have a key?

“Unique vehicle. May be custom built. was told that the running gear was from a 1953 Willys. The seats are from a Volkswagen. The front windshield is movable. Has tow bar attached to the front. 6 volt battery system. Has a swivel arm on the back. 2 front seats. 4 wheel drive. Purchased it with my property and don’t know if it runs. Has never been registered. don’t have a key. The original owner was a hunter and did use this vehicle. Price $ 2495.00 or best offer.”


2 Comments on “Old FC 150? Portland, Or $2495

  1. Christopher

    its hard to tell is it’s homebuilt or not from the pictures because it looks way to good to be home built

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