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Weekend Updates


I was so busy this weekend with my jeep that I delayed my weekend updates until last night.  Unfortunately, just as Poseidon toyed with Ulysses, my web provider appears to enjoy toying with me at times, making access to the site nearly impossible last night.  So, I’ll being provided updates throughout the day today.

1.  The first update is that I’ll be heading north to Seattle tomorrow for a few days.  In the morning I’ll be stopping by Wallowa, Oregon to take a closer look at this old racer.  Then I’ll be swinging by Tigard, Oregon, to pick up the rims Mitch purchased.

2.  Brian sent me some updated pictures on his project, so I’ll be filling in readers on his progress.  He’s taking the entire week off as he’s busy with his dogs all week.

3.  I need to provide updates on my project — I was very busy this weekend completing a variety of finishing touches.

4.  Of course, I need to update the site with the latest jeeps for sale.

But, before I do that, I’m off to play some basketball.  So, stay tuned.

– Dave


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