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1942 GPW Parts Portland, Or


This seller is parting out a 1942 GPW frame for $50 (though the pictures show the axles, they are no longer there).  Separately, he’s also selling the engine $150 and the tranny/tc $250.  If you are collecting GPW parts, this might be worth checking out.  It sounds the seller is looking to get this out of the drive way.

The Frame Ad:
“1942 Willys GPW frame for sale. Need to sell to get it out of my yard. Would rather have it go to a jeep lover than the scrap guy. $50 bucks and it is all yours. The engine, transmission and axles are NOT included just the frame (sorry old pictures they are not attached now). Get back to me to set up a time to see it.”

The Engine Ad:
“Engine block from 1942 Ford GPW with the bell housing all original and ready to sell at $150. It needs a Willys jeep lover to work on it but will be worth it. Come by and take a look.”

The Tranny/TC Ad:
“Willys 1942 GPW transmission shifts smoothly all original, this needs a good home not my garage. Come on by and take a look then take it home. $250 and it is yours. Original Willy’s rebuilt ones cost $750 and up, the case alone is $200 for a reproduction one. Get back to me to set up a time to see it.”


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