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Sand Flat Fender Jeep Tualatin, Or $3000

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UPDATE:  The price has dropped to $3000 (but only for this weekend — Nov 1st & 2nd 2008).

This CJ-2A sand jeep sports the very rare parkette fiberglass body.  Only a handful of these bodies were made (At one time I was told only about 10 of them).  It sounds like it has some good parts, but it will take some work to convert it to 4wd.

“1941 cj2a military jeep that has a a full fiberglass body so you dont have to worry about rust or dents on this 67 year old jeep! it has a stout good running 350 small block with a 700r transmission. the tread on the tires are very good and i would say have conservitivly 85% of their life left. i just put a brand new radiator on it with all new verrry expensive rad. hosing which is actually 150psi petroleum trasfer tubing so it will never break or pop from heat. 971-645-1635”


2 Comments on “Sand Flat Fender Jeep Tualatin, Or $3000

  1. Ed Bray

    My dad was good friends with Paul Parker. (Paul designed the Parkett body) and also Fred Weis who started the “Bobcat” fiberglass bodies. We built several jeeps with the fiberglass bodies and there was quite a rivalery between the two!

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Ed,

    I’ve collected some stories and history related to both and plan to write up a history about how/why they started. The folks over at the PNW4WDA Tri-power are also interested in publishing that story when I finished it.

    I’d be very interested to hear or receive more stories about both Fred and Paul.

    I have learned that Paul moved back to Georgia where he built a few more Parkette bodies. He eventually passed away, but his brother is still alive in Florida, though I haven’t been able to make contact with him. I guess at one time his brother and Paul owed a jeep parts place or dealership or something similar?

    I always wanted a parkette bodied jeep. Unable to locate one during my last build I found a bobcat body that I turned into a parkette-like build with a few side stripes. Here are a couple pics

    My email is and my phone number is 831-325-9616.

    Thanks for any additional info you can provide on them!

    – Dave

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