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My Build — Front Turn Signals, an Update

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A local reader named Joshua responded to my question about front turn signals, writing that he had a pair of lights I might find interesting.  I ran over yesterday to take a look at them.  Apparently, someone had mounted them onto a GPW grille, clearly a place they didn’t belong. Since Joshua didn’t have any use for them, he kindly offered them to me for free (Thanks!).

I took the lights home and took them apart.  The beehive cones are glass, are in perfect shape, and cleaned up nicely.  Unfortunately, the bezels are just rough enough that I don’t think I can use them; however, the bezels did have an autolamp UN67 stamp on them.  Here’s an example of the glass on the grille, though I didn’t have the bezel in this example.  The look is exactly what I wanted 🙂

I plugged the Autolamp model number into google and found the Taillightking website, a detailed older light website run by A. J. Phillips. Using the website, I not only found an example of a UN67 bezel, but also discovered a SL49 bezel that’s more like what I’m looking for (it appears a little shorter than the other).  Unfortunately, both of these have been sold.  According to what I can glean from the taillightking website, they were used either as rear lights or interior lights for Chevelles (year unknown). I suspect they were used on other vehicles as well.

Autolamp UN67 in Excellent Shape

Autolamp SL49 in Excellent Shape

While I might not have the bezels I need yet, I do have the lights and light assembly (the old wiring assembly was a single filament, rather than the dual filament for parking and turn lights).  I took apart some extra towing lights I have and clipped out the wiring and bulb holder.  I had to enlarge the grille hole slightly to fit the bulb assembly, but that was easy to do.  The below image shows the roughed out assembly in the back of the grille.  I’ll need to add a hole to the metal tab that will hold the assembly in place.

Now, all I have to do is find two bezels and I’m set.


7 Comments on “My Build — Front Turn Signals, an Update

  1. embreechristopher

    my dad says these lens are also found on harleys for the turn signals and the original glass ones are near impossible to find and they are also called the “bullet shaped” signals.

  2. deilers

    hmmm .. maybe the local harley store will have some kind of replacement bezels? It’s worth a shot.


    – Dave

  3. embreechristopher

    I’m pretty they’d have them because it was pretty much most of the older bikes that had turn signals would have that style of turn signals.

  4. Peelayestit

    Спасибо за пост! Добавил блог в RSS-ридер, теперь читать буду регулярно..

  5. mmdeilers Post author

    So, the above comment in Russian translates (according to babelfish) into “Thanks for the post! Added [blog] into RSS-[rider], now read I will be regular.”

    Frankly, I don’t know whether that’s spam or not. I suspect it is, but most spam is complete gibberish.

    On a side note, I actually took Russian in college, for nearly two weeks, before dropping the class so I could work more and save money to go bicycle New Zealand. I think I made the right choice 🙂 It was a beautiful trip.

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