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1946 CJ-2A (ex race jeep) Wallowa, OR **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  Since I was heading to Seattle, I decided to stop by and check out this old racer (Also, it was a great excuse to head east out of La Grande, Oregon; Great drive!).

This is a total old school racing jeep.  The builder took a stock jeep, threw on some desert dogs, upgraded the engine with a buick v6 (leaving the stock exhaust manifolds), threw in a roll cage, vented the carb into the cowl, and that’s about it.  The builder’s son felt that there was a dana 44 in the rear that had posi, and maybe the front too, but he didn’t know for sure. Unfortunately, the weeds kept me from being able to get a jack under the jeep to test whether it had posi or not.



racejeep_dash racejeep_desertdogs racejeep_enginev6 racejeep_front

“46 willys,231 buick v6,full cage roll bar,ex race jeep,needing alot or a wealth of parts $400”


2 Comments on “1946 CJ-2A (ex race jeep) Wallowa, OR **SOLD**

  1. mmdeilers Post author

    I called about this jeep. The owner of this jeep died a few weeks ago. His son said that it was last raced in the late 80s and doubts it was started after that. He believe it’s got a t-90 tranny and stock transfer case. He felt it likely that it had posi in the rear and maybe the front. The engine might have had an improved cam, but otherwise was likely stock.

    He’s gonna take a closer look and get some more pics. It looks like I’ll be heading up to Seattle soon, so I’ll stop by and drag it home if I see some value in it.

    – Dave

  2. Jeepermc

    A friend of mine in high school who I talked into purchasing a rusted 72 Renegade with a cruddy running 304 for about $2000.00 had hubs like these…Only pair I’d ever seen until now……

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