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Happy New Year


first_birthdayHappy New Year everyone (at least somewhere it’s the New Year).   New Year’s day marks the official one year anniversary of eWillys.

Over the past year I’ve met lots of new friends from all around the world, written about 1400 posts, nearly finished my own jeep, and only pissed off one reader (that I know of :-)).  I feel like I’ve successfully hit my goals this year: to create a website that follows the older jeep & jeep parts market so that I and others can better understand the market demographics — what’s for sale, how much they cost, and more.  Along the way, I’ve tried to make it interesting, amusing and educational.

Based on the feedback I’ve received, you all seem to be enjoying the site thus far.  My 14 year old son swears to me that one day he was walking down the street in downtown Salt Lake City and heard two guys talking about the eWillys website and how much they liked it, which he thought was pretty cool.

Over the next year, I hope to continue to deliver interesting information,  improve the site (especially those drop down menus which stick within firefox), and expand the content in new directions.

Finally, I really really appreciate all the readers who have provided endless helpful feedback, suggestions and information.  I try to keep this site updated on 24/7 basis as best as possible and sometimes I make mistakes in the process, so always feel free to drop me a line, and I’ll respond as quickly as possible.

Have a wonderful 2009 everyone!

– Dave


3 Comments on “Happy New Year

  1. roy

    i found this website about a month ago. and i think its great ! i have a 42 gpw project . buick v6 , currie 9 inch front & rear axels. t90, d18 transfer case, o/d. rebuilt by novac . i’am working on the frame now ,yj leaf sping’s , box the frame. i also have 2 basket case’s 47 & 49 cj . if you made somebody mad , o’well! thanks for the website.i can;t stay out of it.

  2. RyanP

    Same here, I came across this site roughtly a month ago as I’ve been on the prowl for a project for quite some time now. It’s well laid out and overall a priceless resource.

    Thanks Dave for the site and doing such an amazing job.

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