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1947 CJ-2A Caldwell, Id **SOLD**


UPDATE:  The price on this jeep has dropped to $2500. **SOLD**

I was driving through Caldwell the other day and the dealer was just parking this jeep as I sped by the lot.  So, I couldn’t resist turning into the lot to take some pics.  Of course, after walking up to the jeep, it took only a couple seconds for a sales guy to come over and offer his help.  He tried making a couple points about the jeep, which I gently pointed out were incorrect.  I then provided him with some information about the year of the jeep and how it differed from a military version.  He got quiet after that. Though I didn’t tell him, I would say it’s way over priced.  I wouldn’t pay more than $1500 for it as, for starters, the front of the frame at the point of the grille on both sides has been welded, re-welded, and cross welded.  Here’s some pics.


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