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1955 CJ-3B Portland, Or $34,900


UPDATE:  The price has, inexplicably, gone up $2000 to $34,900 over the past month.

A reader reminded me that this is only 2 wheel drive and that it’s been for sale for a few years.  But, it’s a nice looking CJ-3B, so I thought it was worth posting.



10 Comments on “1955 CJ-3B Portland, Or $34,900

  1. Dale

    If this guy is asking $32,900 then that other red 3b from camas is worth about $92,300 this guy is out of his mind on his price.

  2. trust me

    what the @?!#?! I purchased a 53 3B with a 231 buick and spicer drivetrain with d44 for $2,500. I added power steering and heater from junk yard for 50 bucks and run the hell out of it. I live in Medford Or and there are plenty of places to find a good deal around here. the price must be a misprint or the seller is taking meth.

  3. Anonymous

    Looks like an oky jeep but i would have to say probally around a 6,000.00 to 7,000.00 sure not no 32,900.00

  4. Robert

    It’s funny what some people will float out there for price. I think people sometimes have no idea about value and assume they’re sitting on a gold mine. I can relate a little. I inherited a bunch of stamps from my great aunt and heard all sorts of stories about how much they might be worth. I finally had the collection appraised and to my disapointment learned they were worth squat. This guy’s got a slow learning curve!

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