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1949 CJ-2A Russellville, AR **SOLD**


1949_cj2a_alabamaUPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

This appears to be in pretty good condition. The seller is trying to claim mileage of only 5800, but I’m very sure that’s a replacement speedometer (as are several of the other gauges).  I suspect the front turn signals/pking lights are after market as well.

“What an amazing vehicle!  This jeep was given to a Tennessee Forrest Ranger as a retirement gift, and he held onto it unitl I bought it  3 months ago!  It runs out really well…has new tires…a working original WENCH and PTO GEARS underneath for FARM ATTACHMENTS… The engine is a HURRICANE 4 cyl with 3 speed transmission…4WD…5800 ORIGINAL miles and the ORIGINAL PAINT, as well…I’ve been through many jeeps, and I have to say that I’ve never seen another like this!  it’s truly ONE-OF-A-KIND!”


6 Comments on “1949 CJ-2A Russellville, AR **SOLD**

  1. Jim Boswell

    This guy is full of crap, I can see what looks like a 12 volt battery, a red (red?) engine, a newer solex carb, a fuel pressure regulator which means theres an electric fuel pump for a V8 and the regulator was installed to keep it from flooding, lots of new wiring, all the dash gauges were replaced including speedo? No way is this 5800 original miles, too much of this sort of modifications comes over many, many years of driving. Might be in great shape but his ad is selling a bogus history tale. Jim

  2. Jim Boswell

    One more thing, the taillights inset into the body, not something you would do in the first 5800 miles…

    I dont mean to bash him but….

  3. Jim Boswell

    Been looking at the small ebay pictures, has an aftermaket later model bumper, aftermarket marker lights, and Ive never seen a headlight bezel like that on any of the 50+ flat fender Willys Ive owned….

  4. deilers

    … but he’s selling like it’s something amazingly special .. I think it deserves some close scrutiny. This one’s really bent your feathers, hasn’t it Jim? 🙂

  5. Jim Boswell

    I just had a 45 min conversation with the owner Keith, a really nice, straight up, country gentlemen. He doesn’t know much about Willys, bought this from a “friend” in the auto industry for $7800 (ouch!) and is just repeating the story he’s been told. I pointed out all I could see as not correct and he was shocked, doesn’t want to screw anyone over, would like to recoup his money and who can blame him for that? I made him promise that he wouldn’t rhino line the tub as he was considering. I think this rig is in super nice shape, sat in a barn somewhere with low miles, low use, was brought back to life, spit polished and the story created to sell at an inflated price. I honestly think Keith is blameless, couldn’t ask for a nicer, more humble, honest guy, was impressed with him and enjoyed talking to him. Jim

  6. deilers

    Well, it sucks that he got taken advantage of .. if only he’d been ready ewillys! Guess I’d better start doing some more aggressive advertising! 🙂

    – Dave

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