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Builds: Jim’s new project (or parts jeep)

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miscstuff-268-2I can only imagine that Jim travels with a trailer everywhere he goes, just in case he sees a stray jeep on the side of the road.  Well, in this case, he went to buy some tires and bought the whole thing.  I can’t wait to see what he does with this.

“I just couldn’t say no. Was talking to an old rancher, told him Id buy the near new tires and stock 16” wheels off this “huntin Jeep” (sitting in his field) for $200. He said,”Hell, if ya dont need no title you can have the whole dern thing fer $300.” How could I resist????”

And just for kicks, Jim goes on to hypothesize about how the builders put this jeep together … “Well sir, me, Crazy Killer Carl and Billy Bob Jr. Jr. Jr. got that there big ass rebuilt V8 engine in her, had to move the grill forward and use a giant shoehorn, pry bar, elbow grease, moonshine and lots of beer. Then, we stuffed that there big ass radiator in her but couldn’t close the hood! Would have just left it off but didn’t want no rain to get into the carb. So, we made us a custom hood scoop and some custom “venterlation” ports at the back of the hood on each side which looks bad ass if we may say so our own bad selves! We also modified the dash for a rockin stereo and speaker which we’ll put in later as soon as we can afford one. Hell, we no longer use a rifle for huntin deer, just run em down with all that horsepower! Look out overhaulin, you have some serious down home engineering competition!”









4 Comments on “Builds: Jim’s new project (or parts jeep)

  1. Jim Boswell

    Jim here, yeah and sadly I’ve seen way worse than this. I buy and sell a lot of willys and can honestly say there is a huge difference between redneck and hillbilly engineering, this being the later. Im going to make it run and drive just for shits and giggles, gonna drive it to town to scare the tourists. Look out Mad Max, another road warrior rolls! The ultimate low budget back country cruiser.

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