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Builds – Jim turns down this fixer upper

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Succumbing to the Willys sickness, Jim checks out a possible deal, only to discover this mess …  he writes:

“Skunked by trailer trash. “Oh yeah, sure nuff, its real purty, a dang nice old willard jeep, bring youres trailer cuz youins gonna want thisun fer sure.” “Yessir, we wuz just drivin it a few weeks ago, but took some apert to restore it, then decidered to sell er.” “A battery, sum gas and few hours of fun, you could be drivin that afternoon fer sure, only want $1500 fer her and boy howdy it hurts me to let er go for that.”

Lying sack-o-crap, 58 (one way) miles later, trailer in tow and cash in hand, I was, well, lets just say, I was not very happy! Notice the engine is just hanging down between the engine mounts! Whats holding it there? As far as I can tell, the back of the trans hitting the tub and the fear of falling! Jeez, what a waste of time, he offered to come down to $1300 cause he liked me, I wanted to offer a lasting scar and a limp. grrrrr!

It is fun though… Dang this Willys sickness!”





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