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Question: Front Fender Flares for a Flattie?

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fenderflaresA reader asked if anyone knew where someone could purchase a set of fender flares for the front fenders of a flattie? Let me know if you have a lead and I’ll pass it on.

Thanks … Dave


3 Comments on “Question: Front Fender Flares for a Flattie?

  1. Mitch

    Dad has a set in the garage specifically for a flattie but I don’t know any more than that…. JC whitney used to sell (probably still does) the flexible rubber flares that will mold to the contour of most fenders.

  2. Ryan

    I bought a set of abs plastic flares from JC Whitney about 20 years ago. They looked good, but didn’t hold up too well. I haven’t seen those for awhile. I agree with the previous comment – get some universal rubber ones and cut to fit.

    – Ryan

  3. Hoghead

    I bought a set of Rough Country flares off E-bay for 16 dollars ,,, They didnt have any idea what they fit,,, but since I was working on a flatty I got a few measurments & Bid 20 bucks & got them for 16 ,,, Rough Country dosent make them anymore as far as I know ,, I have 3 flatty projects that need them & only one set,,,

    The same set fits a 2A,3A,3B & 48 jeepsters too,, If that helps in your search…

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