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Leaks in a Transfer Case and a T-90


A reader sent me the following question.  He’s in the process of doing work on both :

What is the best way to stop leaks in a transfer case and t-90 transmision? Do you have a any tips?

My answer was the following:

I have found the most success using liquid gasket and following the directions (as I remember them) …
1. Clean the parts carefully
2. Put on the liquid gasket and put it on with bolts finger tight
3. Wait 24 hours
4.  Tighten to spec.

Anyone have additional thoughts, tricks or alternative ideas?


4 Comments on “Leaks in a Transfer Case and a T-90

  1. Mitch

    I use it as a maintenance guide…If it’s not leaking oil, then it’s probably out and needs more……

    In all seriousness, I’ve had terrible luck with trying to seal up jeep T-cases… No easy answer..

  2. William

    Thanks David, I have found some interesting tips, specially in this trouble parts:
    – T18 to T90 oil passages
    – Shifter rails caps (mine doesn’t have any)
    – Correct felt seal on output shaft
    – Use a little amount of rtv in the bolt’s base
    Tomorrow I going to assembly both taking good cares…I will tell you if there is success.

  3. deilers

    Try putting a light film of heavy duty bearing grease on the area of the output shaft that is touched by the output seals. That will help reduce the chances of the seal adhering to the shaft.

    Good luck,

    – Dave

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