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1946 VEC Klamath Falls, Or SOLD


1946_cj2a_klamathfallsUPDATE 2: The seller and Robert agreed to a price, so Robert will be taking this nice VEC home 🙂

UPDATE: Robert provided a great link to a CJ-2A page post that discusses how bodies with driver side indents were mixed with non driver side indent bodies during assembly.

A reader named Randy pointed this jeep out to me.  This VEC has the serial #24076.  This CJ-2A has the column shift, as it should (up to #38221). However, I would expect it to also have the driver side indents (up to #29500)?

“This wonderful Very Early Civilian CJ2A is in great shape. See the pictures below. It is very solid for an unrestored 1946.  My father obtained this jeep in, I believe, 1956. I don’t know any of its history before this time. When we got it it was blue. (I’m sure it was originally forest green though, in places you can see green and the wheels were yellow. I understand that was an original color scheme.)…. A good mechanical refurbishing was done, in the late 1980s. The motor and transfer case were rebuilt. It was converted to 12v. The charging system was upgraded to 12v but the original starter was kept (it really turns over but you don’t want to crank it for a long period). A voltage reduction was used to retain the original instruments. It was again re-painted blue…..”

View the ad and all the pics here


2 Comments on “1946 VEC Klamath Falls, Or SOLD

  1. deilers

    It’s got some wear, but I’m not seeing any patches.

    That’s a great link. I love those kind of historical notes. History is generally nice and messy rather than neat and tidy 🙂

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