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Giant Flatfender Jeep in Dubai

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UPDATE:  Joshua alerted me to The May edition of JP Magazine.  It provides some information on the giant jeep shown below. The jeep is located in Dubai.  I thought it was just a fake prop of some kind, but apparently it’s being built on the framework of a large quarry mining truck.  Click here to read the brief news piece in JP Magazine (scroll halfway down).


Here’s a second pic from this page at JP Magazine:




7 Comments on “Giant Flatfender Jeep in Dubai

  1. Lylito

    I spent thirty minutes googling them. For the soldier with the jeep, I believe, based on the subject of the sculpture, the proximity to railroad tracks, and the yellow bus/train thingie just over the jeep, that it’s in Europe. What’s French for jeep? I wonder if European locations will work with your mapping solution.

  2. deilers

    Cool .. thanks for taking the time to search for it. Yes, the european locations should work. I think ‘jeep’ is french for jeep, but i have a friend who is fluent in French, so I’ll ask him.

    – Dave

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