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1947 CJ-2A Avondale, Az $2700


1947_cj2a_avondaleThis jeep has some great drive train upgrades.  With the seller willing to negotiate, this might become a pretty good deal for someone.

“I have a ’47-ish Willys jeep for sale. It has a Buick 225, SM420(I think), Dana 300, Dana 30 front, Dana 44 rear. The Willys needs a little work; the headlights need to be installed and wired and the cooling system needs help. The wiring is very simple, a few butt connectors and everything will light right up. I think the radiator needs to be flushed to clear a few blocked tubes, nothing major. The battery will need to be charged, but the Willys starts and runs just fine; ‘tiI it gets too hot. I have a clear AZ title that is ready to be notarized and turned over to the buyer. Because it is a 1947 vehicle no emissions are required. With a little work this Willys will be a great little machine. Let me know if you’re interested. $2700 OBO. I’m willing to negotiate a reasonable price, please reply with your phone number. Thanks, JN Crowe.”


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