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1953 CJ-3B Richfield, Va **seller backs out**


1953_cj3b_richfieldUPDATE:  Mike and the seller agreed to a deal, but the seller backed out of his agreement with Mike (hopefully, Mike found this out before he made the trip to see it).  No doubt someone probably offered more.

“Here is my “53 Willys jeep, it has the original 4 cylinder motor with the 6 volt system. The motor, transmission, and transfer case are all in real good working order. The transmission has a very rare feature, it has the torque gear in it. What that is if you don’t already know, is the fourth shifter you can hopefully see in the picture. It more or less gives you a high and low range for each gear. Which is kind of nice for on the road. Because these aren’t made for speedanyway. The frame is in good shape,no holes rusted threw. The jeep is licensed with antique license which from what I am told they are transferrable. I believe they were $75, a one time fee.”


4 Comments on “1953 CJ-3B Richfield, Va **seller backs out**

  1. John Waddle

    This guy is milk’n for the highest bidder. He backed out on his agreement with Mike.

  2. Robert

    Bummer man! I’m starting to see this more on Craigslist where sellers post low and just wait for better offers. Maybe this is happening more now that ebay has increased its fees for selling (?)

  3. Joshua Roach

    I had this happen to me a while back with a very nice willys MB at a fair price on craigslist. I had went ahead and made to have a friend go over and look at it and had a shipper on call. Mike, If you want I could make him a high offer tell him I’m arranging shipping then back out after a few weeks.

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