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1945 CJ-2A Bozeman, MT **SOLD**


1945_cj2a_bozemanUPDATE:  **SOLD**

This is a beautiful CJ-2A, no doubt about that.  However, if I’m going to spend $19k for a CJ-2A, I would prefer it be restored accurately.  Here’s a few minor issues and thoughts.  If this is a 1945 CJ-2A (only 1,824 made), then I’d expect the serial number to be pretty low. So, with that (and with help from the Cj-2A Page website) here’s a few detail issues:

  1. The color is off.  This is a pale green rather than the two original colors (pasture green or harvest tan).  Additional colors weren’t added to the line until serial number 38221 (mid 1946).
  2. The windshield is a CJ-3A windshield.
  3. The headlight bezels, while they look better in chrome, should be the body color up to serial number 38687
  4. I believe the front hubs are aftermarket, as I think the early CJ-2As came without hubs (I could be wrong about this detail)
  5. I don’t see the cutouts on the driver side (maybe the image obscures them) that should be there on a CJ-2A up to serial number approximately 29500.

There are other details I would want to know more about, however the pictures dont’ show enough information.

“This is a 1945 Willys Jeep CJ-2A. It is owned by mother in-law who has owned it for almost 20 years. She is the second owner. The first owner was an elderly potato farmer in Manhattan, Montana. She has kept this CJ-2A in her garage under a sheet for the past 15 years. It was restored in the mid 1990’s and has been driven about 100 miles per year since. It has the original engine though it has been rebuilt. It is a pale green color insode and out. I have driven this Willys and can assure you it starts right up, doesn’t smoke, and shifts through all of the gears smoothly. It is 100% rust free. This is a very clean, straight Willys that has been very well cared for. $19000”


3 Comments on “1945 CJ-2A Bozeman, MT **SOLD**

  1. Anonymous

    Great assessment, I agree there’s a lot of detail missing for that kind of dough. I’m thinking this rig is worth about half of the asking price.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    One of our sharp eyed readers caught a few additional details that I missed.

    “Aside from the obvious, which you’ve already spotted, it doesn’t have the full-floater rear end, it doesn’t have the 3 separate dash plates, it doesn’t have firewall horn mount (or provision for one). So, at the earliest it is a mid-46.”


    – Dave

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