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1947 CJ-2A Key West, Fl Sold for $1650


1947_cj2a_keywestThis jeep just sold for $1650 through a ‘buy in now’ purchase.  Given that the seller didn’t start it and it’s not in the best shape, I’m a little surprised at the purchase price.

” A very nice, mostly complete and original 1947 CJ2A.
Original 4-134- L head motor.  Stamped “3-19   640161   W6″ on left side of smooth head. Converted to 12V.  I have done nothing to it.  I became the owner in 2007.  No battery has been hooked up to see what comes alive. It was last licensed in 1977 in Arizona as a collectible car. I have a current clear Florida title for it …”

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