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1953 M-170 Highpoint, NC eBay


1953_m170_highpointThis is one of the nicest M-170s I’ve seen.  It’s not museum perfect, but that adds some nice character.

“This Jeep is in great condition, it will still start right up every time and runs excellently. This has been very well taken care of and is quite rare.  My grandfather served as a Lt. Colonel in WWII and beyond. He purchsed this Jeep from the Army after his retirement and restored it for me. It is a mechanical masterpiece, they don’t make them like this anymore. Nothing gives me more pleasure than cranking up this piece of authentic United States military history and driving back in time. This vehicle is really great and I hate to part with it. I am willing to let it go for less than it is valued because of financial circumstances….”

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3 Comments on “1953 M-170 Highpoint, NC eBay

  1. Chris Lee

    I know you were not really interested in selling the jeep. I was wondering if you still have the jeep and how much you wanted for it, if you still have it.

    706 741 0338

  2. deilers

    Hi Chris,

    The only contact information for this was on eBay. Hopefully, it wasn’t sold and will appear back on ebay. If it does, I’ll relist it.


    – Dave

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