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1961 FC-170 Woodford, VT **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

1961_fc170_benningtonUPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

These tow trucks don’t come up for sale everyday.  That said, it’s a bit rough.

“This is a nice FC170 (FC-170) forward control Willy’s Jeep tow truck. As you can see, the truck is a total restoration project, but being that it is so rare, it would be well worth the investment.  It has the original Canfield tow truck equipment minus the sling and A-frame off rear bumper.  Has the original motor, transmission, and axles.   The transfer case needs repair.  Has no front drive shaft.  The FC originally came equipped with the deluxe cab option.  Also suspect that it may have the severe service option but can’t be sure.  More photos can be seen here.  The vehicle is located in Woodford, Vermont and will need to be picked up.  No shipping or tranportation will be provided. There is no title, but bill of sale will be provided.”


4 Comments on “1961 FC-170 Woodford, VT **SOLD**

  1. oldscro250


    I have never heard or read about the severe service option. What is it, or what is included in the severe service option. And was the option avaiable on the FC-150 model?


  2. deilers

    After doing some searches, I didn’t find anything called a severe service option. So, I’ll make a guess. I suspect the seller means that the jeep was setup to deal with severe weather, which would probably include snow plow equipment and the necessary accessories.

    Craig over at the FC Connection ( could probably be more specific than I.

    – Dave

  3. d field

    I’m lokin for an fc170/ i don’t want a museum piece, just a good work truck,flatebed dump would be good, don’t want a snow plow. i’m in north adams mass.

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