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2 Year? CJ-2As Fremont, Ne *SOLD*


UPDATE:  According to John, Mike got these home successfully.  Apparently the VEC ’45 (#10910) is complete enough that it might be possible to get it running.  For only $500 (plus gas), that’s a steal!  See John’s comment below …




7 Comments on “2 Year? CJ-2As Fremont, Ne *SOLD*

  1. Mike aka lowenuf

    hi..thx for sharing this link…i have sent an email to them….the 1st jeep is either a ’45, or a very early ’46……we’ll see what happens…Mike

  2. Michael Myers

    hi Dave, thx for sharing this link, they are mine now 🙂 i will be in Omaha Monday to pick them up…The front one is a 1945, serial #10910….Mike

  3. John Waddle

    I’ve seen Mike’s new old willys & what a buy! You guys that have these western units are so lucky. We here in the rust belt have to start out with units that are’nt a 10th of what Mike brought home. Frames & bodies that are 90+% .A 45 # 10910 can be made run & is all there. The other is a 47 2a frame with a DJ body, & all parts are very usable. Congrads Mike on a trip well spent.

  4. deilers

    Wow, the pics show that it is in even better shape than I thought it would be. The ’47 with the DJ body looks pretty good too. What a great deal!

    – Dave

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