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1947 CJ-2A Iowa eBay +Girls of eBay


Jim zipped this ebay listing my direction, pondering whether this bikini-clad female fits the rough and tough jeep. I replied to him, suggesting that the picture might have been taken with the intent to land the ‘model’ on the GIRLS OF EBAY PAGE … and sure enough, she’s there. I have no idea how that automated search works functionality works …. Maybe I should get into motorbikes 🙂

“Here it is 1947 cj2a  willys overland jeep just like the military jeeps engine is strong runs great lots of new parts strong drivetrain looks great not many better some of the new parts include alternator, fuel tank, fuel pump, carburator, fuel lines , water pump, master cylnder , brk lines plus more this has a new best top purchased off ebay for 800.00…..”

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2 Comments on “1947 CJ-2A Iowa eBay +Girls of eBay

  1. Brian

    I looked at the comments on the GOE page and though one to be a little raw. All I can say is SEX IS BETTER IN A JEEP WITH A ROLL CAGE!

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