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How to reseat a Tire == WD40 + flame

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UPDATE: Christopher found the YouTube link for us.  Thanks!

My Uncle Phil sent this to me.  You gotta see this video. It appears a driver has a tire that lost its bead on the rim.  To re-seat it, someone sprayed WD-40 (I think) onto the rim and then lighted it, which causes the tire to explode onto the rim.

Download the WMV version of the video


5 Comments on “How to reseat a Tire == WD40 + flame

  1. Jim

    When I was a kid about 5-8 yrs old, so 30 plus years ago, my dad and a bunch of his friends would go wheeling way down in Mexico, this sort of thing was common practice but they used ether, then had to air back down to where they wanted their bias ply Armstrong Tru Trac tires to be… remember those?

  2. Golden Eagle

    This Toyota belonged to a friend of mine here in Norway.
    We use to air down a lot when driving in the woods and on snow and tires loosing its bead are common. What we do is using “start gas” which lightens easily. Spray it inside the wheel and light it. The small explosion you see brings the tire back in place.

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    It sure was an interesting video! I can understand the airing down and the convenience your method provided. We’d usually stayed aired down until we hit the pavement, but by then there was some little gas station where we could get air (that’s when compressed air used to be free, but now I’m dating myself 🙂 ).


    – Dave

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