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VEC 1946 CJ-2A Grass Valley, Ca **SOLD**


UPDATE: Originally listed at $8000, a long time reader James bought this for less than half that price.  It’s a steal!  And, it includes a stainless grille, which he plans to sell as well, reducing the purchase price even more, because the previous owner threw in the original grille which James will paint and reinstall.  Nicely done James!

James writes, “this is a 1946 VEC CJ-2A #18526, column shift, driver’s indents, no rust. original docs and rear glass light”

Here’s some pics he included:





Here’s more information included from the original Craigslist Ad:

“1946 Willys Very Rare 3 on the tree, converted to 12 volt. mild lift custom paint very good condition. original flat 4 motor with 62,000 miles, tranny and transfer case. has original tools and jack and all original accessories to make it completely original. well maintained has original service manual and paper work.”



One comment on “VEC 1946 CJ-2A Grass Valley, Ca **SOLD**

  1. jamesholden

    nice jeep, the owner is a different story. if you are on an unlimited plan, give this guy a call and ask him at least 20 questions. He’s defenitely one of those CL folks that give CL a bad name. If CL made you prove funds before you could make contact on a sale, could you imagine. We can always hope.


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