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1946 CJ-2A VEC San Jose, Ca $4000


1946_cj2a_sanjose3UPDATE:  During the math portion of my analysis below, I forgot the serial numbers started at 10,000, so there was more like 28,000 column shift CJ-2As.  Thanks for spotting this Lee!

Here’s a VEC with a serial number of 15777.  According to the CJ-2A page, the number of column shifting CJ-2As was more like 28,000 jeeps  38,000 rather than 15,000 mentioned by the seller.

“Serial number 15777, CJ2A with 3-on the tree. Very rare as only about 15,000 produced with the gear shifter on the column. Great for rock crawling as you can keep both hands on the steering wheel while shifting gears. Runs good, has good tires. I use it in the mountains near Lake Tahoe during the summer months and store it at my house in San Jose during the winter months. I also used it to pull floats in parades, but no longer retain current DNV registration. I put new Ford/Chevy large brakes on the front axle, replaced brake shoes on the rear. I also replaced the oil bath air filter and old filter systems. I have all original older parts plus some spare stuff.  Email me for more info and pictures.  Mike”


2 Comments on “1946 CJ-2A VEC San Jose, Ca $4000

  1. Lee

    There was actually approx 28,000 not 38,000 column shifts as the cj2a serial #s started at 10,000. I belive the column shifts stopped at 38221.


  2. david eilers

    Ooops. that would be my math mistake. i forgot the serial number started at 10,000.

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