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1946 CJ-2A Eckert, Co eBay


This CJ has a serial number of 75375.

“Jeep and trailer have been in the same family since at least 1956. Before that they are believed to have been the property of Denver Tramway Corporation. Except for periodic use they have been stored inside in an unheated garage in western Colorado, a very low humidity climate. Consequently both have very little rust. The Jeep hasn’t run for about 5 years because we tried to put a new gas tank in. Because of our mechanical ineptitude we couldn’t reconnect the fuel line from the tank to the engine block. Then we lost interest in the project. The original tank is still available if buyer wants it. In about 2000, before the fuel tank episode, we took the jeep in to get new belts, hoses, and battery. We put about 50 miles on it before we dicided to replace the fuel tank, which we did because the gas gauge wasn’t reading properly…..”

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